'four years of this shit. four years of trying to create a compelling character out of nothing and all i'm asked is about the character's love life or who has the best abs for thezillionth time. i should have jumped ship with crystal.'

"Fact 1.) At 3:15 pm today Dylan Sprayberry realized he was out of toilet paper while on the toilet ." - Dylan Sprayberry


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i guess my look is quite preppy. like, schoolgirl meets grandma, and skanky older brother.

Alexa Chung for NYLON magazine

NEXT TIME ON DETECTIVE HALE: will he realise that the red liquid on the floor is blood, will he work out that the non-breathing person is dead and will Miss Tate ever stop being so easily impressed? TUNE IT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.


Because I needed a closeup version of this puppy face